Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits

My in-laws were here for the weekend putting up the enormous custom playhouse they built the girls for Christmas...anyways...

So, we wanted quick breakfasts so that we could eat and get to work. But, I wanted something a little more exciting than cereal. So, I opted to "copy" McDonald's "Fruit and Yogurt Parfait".

Tub of Low-fat vanilla yogurt
(I think I would use raspberries too next time)
sugar to sweeten (optional)
Granola (I bought a box in the cereal aisle, but you could make your own)
Fun see thru dishes

I took stems off the strawberries and sliced them. Tossed them with the blueberries and added a little bit of sugar to sweeten.

In dish, I layered yogurt, fruit, granola.

They were a hit with EVERYONE (even my husband who reluctantly fixed himself one and LOVED it)

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