Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Individual Banana Cream Pies

Keebler makes these little mini graham cracker pie crusts. You get 6 in a pack. My mother in law made banana parfaits for dessert once and I adapted it to make mini pies instead.

Individual graham cracker crusts
1 small instant banana cream pudding
1 small instant vanilla pudding
chocolate syrup
"real" whipped cream, cool-whip, or whipped cream in a can

1) bake crust slightly if you want a crispier crust
2) prepare both puddings in the same bowl according to directions
3) divide pudding among tarts
4) top with sliced bananas
5) drizzle with chocolate syrup
6) finish off with whipped topping of your choice

So simple...but my little girls think "mini desserts" are "so fancy".

(*Note: I'm thinking chocolate pudding topped with raspberries would be delicious, or perhaps vanilla with strawberries...any other suggestions?)

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