Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beef Stew

Here are 3 things I do to "keep it simple" in the kitchen (all of which are found in this recipe)

1) make an entree that contains your meat, starch, and vegetable all in one recipe (no extra pots, pans, things to prepare...)

2) use your crockpot

3) used canned soups as the bases to your sauces

NOTE: I was skeptical on pairing a chicken based soup with beef, but when mixed with everything else, it was fine.

Beef Stew

1 pound beef stew meat
1/2 c boiling water
1 can creamy chicken mushroom soup
1 can golden mushroom soup
1 Tbl Minute Tapioca pudding
1 medium onion
4 peeled and chunked potatoes
4 peeled and chunked carrots (or I use baby carrots to save time from peeling/cutting)
whole mushrooms (optional-I'm the only one that likes these, so I leave them whole so they are easy to avoid for my other family members)
2 beef bouillon cubes (or 2 tsp granules)

Put stew meat on bottom of slow cooker. Slice onion and lay on top of meat. Mix water, soups and Tapioca in small bowl and pour mixture over meat. Turn crockpot on low. Meanwhile, peel potatoes & carrots, chunk them, and add them to the crockpot. Add beef bouillon. Stir throughout the day. The mushrooms first need to be added about an hour before serving time. Let cook in crockpot all day, about 6-8 hours. I like to serve this with warm bread or rolls.


  1. Nice recipe. I'm a foodie too. I actually went to Vegas last year to attend a Bon Appetite cooking seminar that lasted all week.

    Here's my question to you. Do you have a preference over beef bouillon as opposed to granules. I haven't found a difference and just wnated to hear your two cents.

  2. I like the granules better because you can add just a little more or just a little less, they dissolve faster too. I like it b/c if something needs just a hint more flavor, I'll throw in just a pinch.

  3. We had this for dinner tonight and everyone loved it! Again the four year old ate her entire serving! I did add a packet of lipton onion soup mix because I love the flavor that it adds to other dishes that I make. I'll be honest and say that I wished it was colder outside because it is such a wintery meal, but I got over that fast when the sun was still shining at 7PM!!!