Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dinner Rolls/Buns

I LOVE homemade rolls and buns, but as a stay at home mom that doesn't actually stay home all that much, I don't have time for the rise, knead, rise, knead, etc. So, how do I "keep it simple"? Use the "dough setting" on your bread maker. It takes care of all the extra tedious steps.

Here's an awesome recipe my dear friend Kristen passed my way. (Many of my recipes are from her. She is AWESOME in the kitchen.) I was so impressed with her domestic skills. We ate dinner at her house and she had made her very own hamburger buns...from scratch AND she had two little kids and a job as well. Then she tipped me off to that sweet "dough setting"! I've been a fan of these ever since. We make them whole wheat, but you could do white by using only all purpose flour.

Into bread maker, add ingredients in this order:

1 c all purpose flour
1 c whole wheat flour
1 yeast packet

1 c warm water
1/2 tbls salt
1/4 c + 1/8 c oil
1/4 c sugar or honey

1 egg

1 c whole wheat flour
1 c all purpose flour

turn on bread maker and set to "dough setting" (Mine takes 1.5 hours)

when time is up, do a quick knead on a very lightly floured surface and form into buns or rolls

let rise an additional 30 minutes

this makes about 12 burger buns OR about 2 dozen small rolls

Bake at 375 for about 10 minutes (give or take depending on size of buns/rolls)

(Sorry. No picture to post because my bread maker died mid-process today. Bummer!)

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