Thursday, June 10, 2010

My 50 post giveaway! Woot! Woot!

I've posted 50 recipes! Can you believe it? It's been a lot of fun and has made my time in my kitchen enjoyable once again. I love hearing people say "Hey, I tried ______ . It was so easy and everyone loved it!", etc. In honor of making it this far, I'm going to jump on the "giveaway" bandwagon.

Here's what you get:

An egg slicer-slices hard boiled eggs beautifully. Also great for strawberries and mushrooms. I LOVE mine and think everyone should have one.

A cookie scoop-this is one of my favs in the kitchen. (I actually own two sizes; standard and monster style.) I used to rarely make cookies because I hated balling the dough. I'd be anal about making each the same size as to not have over done/under done due to size discrepancy. It took soooo long...until I found my scoops. They make cookie making super quick and easy (and they are all the same size). Now I make cookies a lot more.

Pampered Chef's Spring/Summer Cookbook 2010-these mini cookbooks have easy recipes that look really pretty. I usually don't make them for just my family, but always look so "fancy" when entertaining.

Regular AND mini muffin liners-I ALWAYS use liners for muffins, cupcakes, mini brownie bites (see previous recipe for brownie bites with amazing frosting), mini muffins...because it makes clean up of your tins so easy. I picked some really fun patterns.

I also may pick up a few items while I am out this week, but this is what I've collected so far.

*UPDATE: Here's 4 more items to add to your loot!

CORN BUTTERER-We eat corn on the cob like once a week in the summer. This is THE MOST amazing invention. We LOVE ours. You stick 1/2 a stick of butter (or margarine) in one end and the other end is rounded out with a little gully for your corn. Rub it up and down your cob for perfect butter distribution. So awesome. Whenever someone is having a Pampered Chef Party, I usually buy a few to through in with wedding/shower gifts. This one is not "Pampered Chef" but I can't see why it will be any different.

MINI GRATER-So, at least 1 of my recipes calls for fresh ginger (Restaurant Style Chinese Chicken). This grater is perfect for grating fresh ginger root. A little container snaps onto the bottom to collect your shavings. Use for fresh nutmeg, chocolate, etc.

GRIPPER PADS-I am really wimpy. I wouldn't be able to open a single jar if it wasn't for these sweet gripper pads. I keep one in my trunk for the gas can and one in my bathroom for beauty products.

FUN STRAWS-With summer year, you may be making my "Sunrise Smoothie" or "Chocolate Banana Shake". If you have kids, they'll dig the fun straw. Or, use for a summer party, or just enjoy them yourself.

Now, the giveaway will close this Friday at midnight and I will choose the winner probably on Saturday. I will mail out the winner's package on Monday.

Here's how to enter.

A) Become a follower AND

B) Leave a comment under this post regarding

1) your favorite way to "keep it simple" in your kitchen AND/OR

2) recipes that you've tried from my blog and you/your families reaction to them AND/OR

3) tell a friend about me and have them mention your name

Any questions, you can ask as a post and I'll get back to you. Good luck everyone.


  1. I "keep it simple" in my kitchen by having my tubaware low and accesible for my toddler to play in while I whip up one of your quick meals~!

  2. 1. How I keep it simple? 2 words Chinese carry-out
    2. Fav recipe: banana cake. Family response - wife wouldn't leave frosting alone while cake cooled

  3. My way of keeping it simple in my kitchen is in the simple ingredients. I've hopped on the "real food only" band wagon and have totally cut out all corn syrup (hydrogenated or otherwise), i'm eating more organic produce from the farmer's market and I'm cooking a ton more than I used to. No more frozen meals for me! Does this count? :)

  4. My favorite way to keep it simple is to have my husband cook :) As for your recipes we have had your stir fry and we really enjoyed it. This past weekend we had the Chinese chicken and this was as my husband put it "a keeper". We LOVED it.

  5. I like to keep it simple by following what you guys have been eating!!! That leaves the guess work out for me in deciding what to make for dinner. This blog is great and I've tried many of the recipes on here. By far, I think my girls favorite has been the chocolate chip pancakes, (which we are having again on Sat. because of a sleepover on Friday!) My husband and I really enjoyed the Chinese chicken and we are due to have it again very soon!! Keep up the great work and I'm always excited to see what I will be feeding my family!!

  6. My favorite way to keep it simple is to plan a dinner menu for the week. That way I always know what to make, the kids always know what we are having and I do a better job of grocery shopping and making use of what we already have in the house. I use this site to try new things using what I have in the house already, with sometimes adding a few key ingredients here and there!

  7. What a great idea Nicole. I keep it simple in the kitchen by always staying organized. My friends laugh that all of my tupperware is neatly stacked and my counters remain clutter free. It makes life so much easier when you don't have to spend time searching for your measuring cups, etc. while preparing a meal.

  8. I keep it simple in my kitchen by having lemon and lime juice on hand. I add either one of these juices to pancake batter, marinades and sauces for added flavor. With pancakes, it makes them melt right in your mouth! My kids can tell the difference when this ingredient is omitted! Nicole~ Thanks for "Keeping it Simple"...I have used a handful of your recipes and my kids loved everyone of them (and hubby)!