Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Orange Ginger Pork Chops

Man, I've been grilling out A LOT lately. I just keep coming across these yummy marinades, so....hopefully you too like to grill in the summer.

Now I know the ingredient list looks long, but a lot of the items are things already in your pantry.

1 tsp ground ginger OR 4 tsp minced fresh ginger (you know I like fresh ginger....remember, buy a root & peel it and keep it in your freezer. Grates easy AND isn't wasted AND is there when you need it)
1 garlic clove, minced (I buy a jar of minced that you keep in the refrigerator. 1/2 tsp = 1 clove. Again, always there when you need it.)
1 tbls canola oil
1/2 c sherry or chicken broth (we used chicken broth)
1/4 c honey
1/4 c soy sauce
1 tbls sesame seeds
1 tbls grated orange peel
3/4 tsp hot pepper sauce
4 bone-in pork loin chops
1 tsp cornstarch
2 tbls water

In saucepan, cook ginger and garlic in oil for 1 minute; remove from the heat. Stir in the broth, honey, soy sauce, sesame seeds, orange peel and hot pepper sauce. Mix well. Pour 1/2 c into a small bowl and set aside. Pour remaining marinade into a large resealable plastic bag; add pork chops. Seal bag and turn to coat; refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Meanwhile, in a saucepan, combine cornstarch and water until smooth. Add reserved marinade. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 1 minute or until thickened.

Drain and discard marinade from the pork. Coat grill rack with nostick cooking spray before starting the grill. Grill chops, covered, over medium heat for 4 minutes. Turn; baste with sauce. Grill 15-20 minutes longer or until juices run clear, basting occasionally.

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  1. Mmm...orange ginger pork chops sound delightful!